Quality Meat

All of our beef is naturally reared , grass fed, Aberdeen Angus from Scotland's finest farms,
bought down to us in Hertfordshire weekly and then matured for a minimum of three weeks.
It is, we feel, the finest beef in the world.

We make no apology for the fact that our biltong and droewors might cost slightly more than
our competitors. The reason for this is simply because, as we mentioned above, we only use
the finest quality Aberdeen Angus beef.

quality biltong

With meat you really do get what you pay for. We'd rather charge a bit more for our biltong
and be sure that its the best we can make than be associated with a poor product.

So we only use prime silverside for our biltong (and brisket for our Droëwors) - combined
of course with an authentic blend of spices which we import from Cape Town.

What's more our beef only comes from cattle free to roam (we abhor any form of intensive farming) supplied by farmers who we know personally. In fact we even pay our farmers occasional visits to see how the herds are doing. It goes without saying that none of our farmers' herds are fed any sort of growth hormones - ensuring that our beef is second to none!

Its this commitment to meat quality and animal welfare that have kept Chapman's Butchers going strong for over 70 years!



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